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For natural stone, concrete, brick, etc. You want to maintain or enhance the appearance of the floor, counter or wall.

Stain removers
All hard surface products

For masonry, metal, and plastic. You want to clean off existing graffiti or protect surfaces from future attacks.

Graffiti removers
Anti-graffiti sealers
All anti-graffiti products


REMOVING GRAFFITI – Choosing the Proper GRAFFITI-GONE! While each remover is effective in many situations,
 each product has a specialty that solves a tough problem

The Fundamentals of Removing Graffiti.

  • The main concern in picking a remover is the surface – brick, plastic or metal – not the type of graffiti.
  • All products are applied by brush, rag or sprayer, allowed to soak, and then rinsed off.
  • Rougher surfaces are harder to clean, take longer soaking times and more rinsing.
  • Cold surface temperatures, very old graffiti and graffiti stains require longer soak times.
  • Painted and/or delicate surfaces, such as signs, require milder treatment and shorter soak times.
  • Power wash, while faster, is not required with these products.
The BASIC Removers for 85% of the customer needs.
GRAFFITI-GONE! B For ROUGH, UNPAINTED surfaces – brick, block, and bare concrete.  Soak for 15 – 30 minutes or up to 24 hours if necessary.  Rinse with garden hose with nozzle or power wash.
GRAFFITI-GONE! C For SMOOTH, WELL PAINTED surfaces – vehicles, enameled metal, plastic and ceramic.  Soak as needed, wipe with damp sponge or rinse with garden hose.
The SPECIALTY Removers for another 10% of customer needs.
GRAFFITI-GONE! A For ALMOST ALL surfaces (ALL AROUND PRODUCT) and for really tough or old paints and markers.  Also used for cleaning GRAFFITI-BLOCK!.
GRAFFITI-GONE! D For DELICATE surfaces – traffic signs, sensitive wood, plexiglas.  Apply, allow a 5 – 10 second soak, then wipe or rinse off.
The EXTRAORDINARY Removers for the last 5% of unusual customer needs.
GRAFFITI-GONE! M For MARKER stains, especially on difficult-to-clean porous concrete, grout 
and STEP 2  and stone.  If  “M” doesn’t get it all, “STEP 2” finishes the job.
GRAFFITI-GONE! S-1 For deep MARKER STAINS in plastic partitions, porta-potties and playground equipment.
GRAFFITI-GONE! T For LIVING TREES, cleans the bark without injury.  Requires a medium pressure rinse.




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